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Set in the heart of the world’s most livable city, Melbourne, amidst its eccentric laneways and sophisticated heritage and architecture, Diagora Events embodies what it is to be a high-end event space. 

Diagora exudes luxury from the very moment you arrive at our doors, with a diverse collaboration of colours that can be tailored to your needs and suited to a variety of event styles, we ensure our events exceed your expectations. 

Our impeccable space coupled with our design team enable Diagora to make our space your very own. We offer an impeccable variety of spaces suited to different sized events, each allowing for the use of our premium sound, lighting and high-quality projector. 

From delivering professional settings for the corporate world, magical spaces fit for even the most glamorous weddings, to a venue which is unequivocally pertinent for any private functions, Diagora are excited to come along with you on exciting journey to designing the perfect venue for your next event. 

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